The Sustainability Forum 2020: Natural Resources features discussions and presentations by listed companies, fund managers and industry experts on sustainability and ESG within the natural resources sectors.

Listed companies are now coming under increasing pressure to maximize their ESG disclosure and reporting. ESG ratings are also under the spotlight as the lack of a standardized ESG scoring framework can lead to variations in assessment as to a company's position with regard to sustainability practices. This unique event will allow companies in the oil and gas, mining and metals, and renewable energy sectors to address these issues, present their ESG initiatives and detail their sustainability practices. It also allows investors to learn about the very latest sustainability developments within the sectors.


Topics to be discussed will also include new energies, ESG ratings and climate change risks, stranded assets, and assessing ESG momentum within companies. For listed companies, the event will be an opportunity to address investors directly and: 

•    Maximise their disclosure and outline their sustainability goals and targets
•    Detail what they consider key to ESG materiality 
•    Describe their process for identifying, assessing and managing climate risks and carbon emissions
•    Explain how their company will address new industry guidelines and regulations
•    Address stakeholders' ESG concerns

Attendees will include:
Institutional investors & asset owners
Family offices
Fund managers
Equity analysts
Ratings & index providers