28 January 2022

Now An On-Demand Online Event

Climate-Finance Modelling for Investment Firms & Listed Companies 

Climate Risk Modelling 2022

About Climate Risk 2022


Climate Risk Forum 2022 is a live online event that will feature talks and presentations on climate risk and scenario analysis for professional investors and listed companies.


The event will provide attendees with the information they need to understand, develop and apply climate risk and scenario analysis models, and will assess the potential financial impacts of outcomes on assets prices, company valuations and credit ratings.


Who should attend: Climate strategists, investment managers and institutional investors, sustainability professionals and investor relations. 

Delegate fee: £595 + VAT.


What you will learn 

  • How to use climate risk and scenario models

  • Model construction, selection and methodology

  • The application & interpretation of climate models

  • Modelling and the transition to net zero

  • Quantifying the financial impacts of climate risk

Event Features

Event accessible

from anywhere

Live online 


Insights from

industry experts 

Q&As with

interactive sessions 


 on-demand access

Keynote Speaker

David Pitt-Watson, Executive Fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School and Chair of the UN Environment Programme's Finance Initiative



Climate Scenarios: Risk Premia and Uncertainty in the Financial Implications of Climate Change. 
David Stainforth, Professorial Research Fellow, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment 

Applying Representative Concentration Pathways and Shared Socio-Economic Pathways to Climate Modelling 
Christopher Schwalm, Risk Program Director and Senior Scientist, Woodwell Climate Research Centre

Climate Risk and ESG Investments
Thomas Leirvik, Associate Professor, Nord University Business School

10:00 Break

Stranded Assets and Corporate Earnings

Keynote Speaker: David Pitt-WatsonExecutive Fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School and Chair of the UN Environment Programme's Finance Initiative

Financial Impacts: Real Assets & Stranded Assets
Philip Osano, Centre Director, SEI Africa

Climate Scenario Analysis and Listed Companies
Emerging Markets Impact: Sovereigns and Companies

Dr. Anastasiya Ostrovnaya, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Climate Finance & Investment, Imperial College Business School


Identifying Optimal Financial Portfolios with Negative Climate Externalities
Thomas Fischer, Assistant Professor in Economics at Lund University, Sweden

Assessing Fund Portfolio ‘Warmth’ & Net-Zeroing Portfolios
Quantifying and Assessing Impacts on Corporate Earnings & Credit Ratings

Nick Stansbury, Head of Climate Solutions at LGIM

Physical Climate Risk Assessment: Application in Practice
Case Study: The Asian Development Bank

Paul Watkiss, Climate Researcher, Paul Watkiss Associates

14:30 Break

Quantifying Climate Scenario Impacts on Asset valuations: the Value of a Bespoke Approach
Anna Moss, Climate Change Scenario Analyst, Aberdeen

Defining and Implementing Climate Scenarios for Portfolio Risk Management
Matthew Lightwood, Director, Risk Solutions, Conning 

16:00 End

Our Speakers

Anna Moss.png

Anna Moss

Climate Change Analyst


Peter Watkiss.png

Paul Watkiss

Climate Researcher

Paul Watkiss Associates


Matthew Lightwood

Director, Risk Solutions



Christopher Schwalm

 Director, Woodwell Climate Research Centre

David Stanforth.jpg

David Stainforth

Grantham Research Institute

on Climate Change and the Environment

Thomas Fischer.jpg

Thomas Fischer

 Assistant Professor Economics

Lund University, Sweden

Philip Osano.jpg

Philip Osano

Centre Director

 SEI Africa


Anastasiya Ostrovnaya

 Senior Research Fellow

Imperial College Business School


David Pitt-Watson

Chair of the UN Environment Programme's Finance Initiative


Nick Stansbury

  Head of Climate Solutions


Thomas Leirvik.jpg

Thomas Leirvik

Associate Professor

Nord University Business School

ESG Investing
96 High Street, Guildford, GU1 3HE, UK
+44 (0)1483 573150



Friday, 28 January 2022
08:30 - 17:00 UK time